Nine of Wands and trains of thought.

Today I arrived at my “people job” with no energy and a sense of desperation for the year to be over. I’ve been carrying my Rider-Waite deck around with me and yesterday I popped it in my silk dragon card pouch for safe keeping and transportation (I have it on good authority that both my deck and my dragons are very happy with this development). I was sitting at my desk looking around at the files that surrounded me and I heard it.

**Pull a card** I hear, whispered in my right ear.

Out came my pouch. I sat my deck in my lap and proceeded to pull out a card.

Nine of Wands.

I’m still getting to know the Rider-Waite deck, so I cheated a little and went over to for the meaning. I read the opening line.

“…Even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You may be on the edge of exhaustion, but you are resilient, persistent, and ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line”.

I read on and was reminded of my strength and to call on those who have my back. It really was very insightful. I’m still learning, and have a long way to go, but this deck… It got me. The thought process that followed was a bit of a rabbit hole. I started to think about the year that is about to draw to a close. We’ve almost made it. We’re at the pointy end of 2018; from what I see and hear all around me, this year has been a challenging year for many people. I know in my case I’ll be reaching the finish line with battle scars and bruises from the year that was. Despite the challenges, the lessons and the difficult times, I know I for one will be moving into the New Year stronger, wiser and with a clearer sense of self than I had when I walked into this year not quite twelve months ago.

It may be a little pre-emptive to reflect on a year that isn’t quite finished yet, but let’s be honest – there are bigger things on the horizon for next year. 2018 has left me feeling exhausted. We’ve had how many retrogrades this year, all at once?! The Blood Moons were awe inspiring. I missed the first one due to being on the opposite end of the Earth. It wasn’t visible from where I am in South Australia (gratitude to NASA for live streaming this cosmic event!). The second Blood Moon – I caught that one! There was something magickal about standing outside with no shoes on in the dirt at 4am, expressing tears of gratitude and offering music with my singing bowl in exchange for the sight that was right before me… In addition to retrogrades and Blood Moons, we have had energetic gateways and portals open and close throughout the year (we are currently going through the 12/12 gateway in the lead up to Summer Solistice AND Full Moon… WOW!). Suffice to say, the cosmic and lunar energy we have experienced this year has provided for many, many lessons and opportunities of learning. We’re almost there…

In addition to the cosmic and lunar energy shifts, we’ve had lessons presented to us in 3D form. I know people, me included, who have loved and lost friends and loved ones. Whether that be through the next stage of life as they pass from this world to the next, or simply the end of a combined journey where paths are split and people move in different directions… The loss this year has been profound; a constant struggle. There were times where I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. Where I thought that I simply could not take anymore. It’s only natural to be fed up with being kicked when you’re down. But you know what? I made it. And I’m stronger for it. And if you’re reading this – then so did you. You made it too. Pat yourself on the back because your success rate of surviving your worst days is 100%. Go you!

Small and personal celebrations aside, it doesn’t take away the pain. The transformation from pain to strength makes it all worth it. A wise Crone once said to me, and I often remind myself of her words, “Everything you are dealing with – you asked for these lessons before you came. It’s in your blueprint. It is not more than you can handle, nor is it less. You’re not being given anything more than you asked for”. This small piece of wisdom has kept me in tact and has helped me fight my way through the lessons. That, and good friends. Your cheer leaders, your comrades and your support crew play a big part. If not for a friendly ear I am sure my Guides would have shaken me by the shoulders more than once.

Not only did I make it, I’ve made it to the end as a new version of me. This year is also cause for celebration (like a pendulum, life swings – you cannot have pure happiness without pain). What I have achieved this year, in amongst the chaos, is mind blowing. I have progressed from a Reiki Practitioner to a Reiki Master. I have uncovered intuitive skills surrounding the ability to read energy. I have learnt how to work with draconian energy. I have met and have very strong bonds with not only my three totem animals, but also the energy of dragons (what beautiful souls they are! Just thinking about working with their energy gets me excited). I am continuing to learn how to fine tune my skills with Oracle card readings. I’ve learnt how to self-meditate. I’ve learnt how to work with crystals on an intuitive level. I’ve birthed a wand for my magick. I’ve reconnected with my Guides on a level that is strong and fierce, where the fires burn. I’ve interpreted card readings for people. And I am going to be conducting card readings going forward. I’ve started exploring the Tarot and I’m learning about it. I’m learning about herbs and how I can use them in my magick. I’ve birthed crystal and essential oil elixirs. I’ve learnt a lot. There is so much to celebrate.

But mostly, I’ve discovered who I am and am learning what all of that means.

I am a Witch. And next year I’ll embrace that with a bang.


Diversions from delightful dimensions…

The last few weeks have seen me plan many things with enthusiasm. Many, many things with enthusiasm.  I’ve written to-do lists. I’ve connected with and spoken to my decks to see who I can do daily readings with. I’ve cleaned out the loose paper in my Red Tent Diary (“RTD”) that I’ve been carrying around for a few lunar cycles.  I’ve gone through my books and put them in a reading order so I can get my brain working and keep learning about my Craft. I was full of great ideas and the Lunar energy in Saggitarius got me. It was full steam ahead. Until it wasn’t.

You see, despite having great plans and allocating time to do things, my Guides have other ideas.  The Guide I met recently who has come forward to help me with Tarot has taken a slight step back as the day to day duties of a regular humanoid have become all but consuming.  The wind down to the festive season is upon as, so in amongst the crazy to prep for Litha and Christmas (Yule if you reside in the Northern hemisphere), I’m trying to plan for the New Year AND engage in my Craft on a daily basis.  I am sure I am not solitary in being projected sideways instead of thrust forwards.  Sideways can sometimes be a good thing, so we won’t take away from the opportunities that come with a side step or seven.

In truth, I actually started writing this blog post a few days ago and was again thrust sideways. I was asked to do a reading and an impromptu Reiki healing for someone and in addition I had a few things come up regarding my Craft.  I wasn’t expecting to do a healing, let alone an energetic reading, because it’s not something I advertise (again, the opportunities that going sideways brings with it).  I’ve barely looked at my Tarot cards and my books have hardly been picked up. Instead I have been falling down all sorts of random rabbit holes…  Such as the spiritual significance of a left nostril piercing; the effects that swearing and foul language has on our vibrations (turns out, although swearing is fun, is sends us down to a lower vibrational level.  There are stacks of articles about this online).

Despite the lack of activity with my to-do lists, what I have been doing is feeding my soul… Which can at times be more important than crossing things off a list. 

Soulfood… What is yours?

“A little fire goes a long way…”

“It was a sunny day outside.  The cobblestones on the path were firm under her feet and the breeze warm and inviting.  Despite the promise that sunshine and blue skies bring with them, she was a little troubled.  Spells had gone awry.  Her familiar had gone for yet another adventure and her cards weren’t having any clarity today.  It honestly felt like everything she touched turned to dust.  Although she knew this not to be true, the sentiment was there.

She left her sacred space and decided to go somewhere a little noisy; somewhere chaotic and full of adventure.  She needed excitement and wanted to refresh her energy.  She was also feeling a little… Fiesty… “A little fire goes a long way”, she thought to herself.

She made her way through the village and emerged on the other side.  There was a tavern outside of town the rowdy folk often frequented.  It had a reputation as a rather loud drinkery.  The ale flowed, the bards sung, the women were loose and the men brawled. No matter the events, anything that took place in this little alehouse was always solved with a handshake and a tall glass of bubbling ale afterwards.  It was rare that patrons ever left on bad terms.  Every brawl turned into the clinking of glasses with promises of comradery. She stood at the entrance and looked up.  “Beer n Brawl” was scrawled on the wooden sign that hung above the entrance.  There was laughter, lots of it, and singing.  Beer N Brawl sounded as though it had a few visiting bards in town.  It was certainly noisy inside.

She stepped into the tavern.  Just as she did so, she heard a THUMP behind her.  She turned.  It seemed a patron had been thrown out the tavern from the top floor. He was moving; although he was dazed, he wasn’t injured. She walked towards the bar. One of the regular drunkards sneered at her and growled, “whaddya want doin’ ere, witch?” Before she could answer, a brawl broke out behind her and she felt cold ale run down her sleeve. She brushed it off, looked the barfly in the eye and with a curtsey laced with confidence and smart-assery, she said “Why, thank you for noticing, my good man”.  
She continued towards the bar. “I’ll have an ale, barkeep”. The bartender slopped an overflowing stein of ale in front of her and she flicked him a small piece of silver. She took a long drink and swallowed. “Refreshing”, she thought.  She spun around against the bar and propped her elbows on the edges, just leaning and observing.

To her left at the end of the bar she noticed a rather tall warrior silently observing.  She nodded at him and continued to scan the room.  The bard was singing loudly and was struggling to be heard over the laughter and the brawling. She listened to him for a little while and wondered if he knew that he sounded so terrible. “He can’t help it”, she thought to herself. After all, the environment where he was entertaining was quite challenging. At that moment, a glass full of beer whizzed past his head and smashed against the wall behind him.  Had he not seen it coming, he surely would have had stitches in his brow that evening. Despite his dexterity, his white shirt wore some of the splashback from the glass that whizzed past him.

She stayed and observed for quite some time, sipping at her ale from time to time. She noticed the brawling was starting to become serious. A friendly back and forth between two patrons in the far left corner of the pub became very serious.  Punches were thrown. A table was flipped. The brawl was growing as other patrons jumped in and started to fight. She saw a knife pulled from a sheath located under someone’s shirt. She felt a tight grip on her left elbow and she was pulled away from the bar “It’s time for you to leave. NOW!” It was the warrior she noted when she first arrived. She didn’t need telling twice. As she was deciding she’d had enough excitement for one day, he pushed her out the door of the tavern. Behind her she left sounds of glasses being smashed, men fighting and women throwing things at the men. Her little adventure for today was enough to get her palms tingling.  She was ready to return to her sacred space and practice her magick”.

Tantalising Tarot…

Tarot.  It is incredible the number of people I have met who have said “I don’t do Tarot. I don’t like the energy”. I usually find comments along this vein amusing when energy workers who make such remarks hold no experience in dealing with Tarot cards or the magick behind them. I myself lack experience with the Tarot, and in truth, until now I’ve never felt the call to learn how to read a Tarot spread. I spend the majority of my time reading from Oracle cards; of late I have found myself drawn to the allure and the mystery of the Tarot deck.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Tarot that draws some people in and repulses others. The Death card, perhaps? Or the  Tower card? Ten of Swords, perhaps?  There seems to be quite a lot of fear around cards that communicate and invite change or provide warnings of discernment and self preservation. For the most part, from my perspective (and my limited knowledge and experience), the Tarot seems to be somewhat misunderstood by many.

I’ve been doing a lot of searching for viable and reliable resources so I can learn the art of the Tarot. It just so happened that some weeks ago I randomly ordered Skye Alexander’s “The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot: Your Complete Guide to Understanding the Tarot”.  I had popped it away and forgotten about it. The cover flashed in my mind a few days ago, so I pulled it out and started reading…

I’ve started carrying around one of my three Tarot decks so I can begin connecting with it (“Dreams of Gaia Tarot” by Ravynne Phelan – if you’ve not had a look at her artwork, I suggest you check it out. You won’t be disappointed). My Dreams of Gaia deck contain the Major and the Minor Arcana (as all Tarot decks should), but in place of Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords, we have Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I’ve learnt that the Minor Arcana suits are each paired with one of the elements and of four directions, but for a beginner to the Tarot (read: ME), it is truthfully a little confusing.  However, I will persevere with it and learn. As my Counsel of Guides quite often remind me “practice makes perfect”. 

I wondered why it was that I’d been curious about Tarot. It was during a conversation with two friends that I had a new Guide present herself.  The friends I happened to be speaking with at the time are both Reiki Masters and between them their energetic skill-set is phenomenal. Our conversations are often littered with all sorts of random messages that any one of the three of us get without warning, so an event like a new Guide showing up is nothing out of the ordinary.  My new Guide came forward and boy, was she strong! When she connected with me she proceeded to tell me (rather tersely, I might add) about Tarot and why I must learn it. She informed me that my Dreams of Gaia deck is most definitely for me, but I must learn the art of the Tarot using a deck that is much more simple and straight forward. I’ve had my eye on the Rider-Waite deck for a little while, but have never been quite “sold” on it. So, the search for a new Tarot deck began.In truth, it didn’t take me long to find my new deck (Carddicts tend not to have any issues locating new decks, haha). Although I have not yet ordered her, she is waiting on the sidelines for me to get my act together and place an order. “Tarot Familiars” by Lisa Parker happened to present herself to me when I was scrolling through social media and I saw a spread of three cards in my feed. She caught my breath and I proceeded to head straight over to Google for more imagery just to be sure she is mine. Now, Tarot Familiars did not have the same energetic pull as Wolf Life Path Cards did (I am confident that a pull that strong is an experience that most are lucky to have, and that’s if they connect with something as deeply as I did with Wolf Life Path Cards at all!)…   Tarot Familiars still has a “pull”… 

And this is where my confusion lies – as a newbie to the Tarot, I am torn between Tarot Familiars and the Rider-Waite deck.  The Rider-Waite deck contains very simple imagery that is easy to interpret and very clear. Do I learn with the Rider-Waite deck and when I have surpassed a beginner level, do I then move on to Tarot Familiars? **Listen to your gut**, say my Guides. “Buy them all!” says my heart.  No matter which way I go, Dreams of Gaia will ultimately be the deck I use when I conduct readings…  I say that, and my new Guide shows me the Rider-Waite deck with the words “For the others”. One could interpret that as learning with the Rider-Waite deck and conducting readings with it for other people when I am in learning phase (I must be spot on with her message – she has just nodded).

In any case, internal ramblings aside, I am sure the adventure I am about to embark on with Tarot will no doubt be documented here, along with other things that come to light along the way.

**Life is but a grand adventure – grab your shoes and let’s go!**


The story of a Witch and her Wolf Pack…

I’ve always been drawn to Wolves; my fascination with wolves and all they stand for is no big secret.  They are loyal; fierce; spiritual guardians of the forests and of the wild.  They run with the moon and their love for their pack is like none other on this Earth.  They are majestic creatures that are misunderstood; I’ve always believed that animals can teach us many things about life as a whole, if only we were to sit and observe in solitude for long enough.  There have been many occasions where I have lost time in my day because I’ve been watching wolves on webcams that are set up at wolf sanctuaries overseas.  We don’t get to see or share space with wolves in Australia, so I observe through whatever means I can whenever the opportunity arises.

I can’t really pinpoint where my love for wolves began.  I can, however, pinpoint when I met my first Wolf spirit animal guide.  It was during a guided meditation with my first teacher.  I was walking from my Tree of Life towards the edge of a forest.  There were many animals there, but the three who came forward were a Wolf, an Owl and a Bear; my three totem animals.  Now, since this meditation I have come to know my totem animals and I have worked with them collectively and individually.

My Owl and my Bear are narratives for another time; today I focus on my Wolf, who has so far never steered me wrong.  My Wolf is often there to provide guidance when I need to use discernment; he comes to me when I look for company and he also guards and protects me.  It’s not uncommon for me to see him running alongside the car when I’m driving; in my dreams or next to my bed when I wake during my sleep.  Usually when he’s with me during the day he quietly sits beside me and watches.  It’s a little distracting at times; the beauty and grandeur of his presence is mesmerising, as is the way the light bounces off the silver and grey in his coat.  He is impressive to say the least and often when he isn’t around I catch myself daydreaming about adventures he and I could share in the forest under the light of the moon.

You may remember a short time ago I wrote about being a carddict (although I digress, this is related to my wolf).  Recently, I was very excited to receive my most recent deck of cards…  Wolf Life Path Cards.  I had fallen down a rabbit hole of card exploration some months ago and I stumbled across … This is where I learnt that Wolf Life Path Cards existed.  I had been searching for a deck of cards that was synonymous with wolves but I had not yet found anything that suited…  “Ask and ye shall receive”, said the Universe… And there they were.

I read every word and sentence on the website.  I fell into the imagery over and over again. I poured over it for quite some time and returned often to check for updates.  I found Wolf Life Path Cards on Facebook and immediately started following them.  I did not miss a single post.  I caught all their updates for these cards; from when they were finalising card designs; to choosing material for the box; to finalising the foil on the logo; to an announcement they had been released and orders were being confirmed.

Now, before I talk to you about release day, I’ll tell you a little something about these cards.  These cards are not your regular, run of the mill Oracle cards.  Every single card in this deck contains imagery of real wolves, taken by (I believe) the creator and co-creator of this deck.  All wolves in this deck are wolves who reside and are cared for at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust ( ).  Proceeds from the purchase of this deck are being donated to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (“UKWCT”) so the wolves in their care can continue to be cared for in a safe and protected environment.  Not only did this deck speak to me on a spiritual level, as someone who is passionate about the conservation of our Earth and the protection of the animals who reside here, this deck spoke to my heart centre.  It resonated with me on a soul level… By purchasing this deck, I was directly contributing to the continued protection and care of the wolves who reside at the UKWCT. This thought alone is enough for my emotions to get a little “wobbly”. Given this deck spoke to my heart and my soul, I was eagerly and anxiously keeping an eye out for a release announcement.  I had already emailed the creator to express my interest and place an order.

When I saw that release day had arrived – my heart started pounding.  I actually got the shakes.  It took me a number of attempts to write a coherent email to the creator requesting payment details – I was determined that I was not missing out. Within five minutes of receiving my invoice, I had made payment and had in turn received confirmation that a deck would be shipped to me from the UK.

The weeks that followed were… Unsettling?  Every day after work I raced home to check the letter box.  And every day for three weeks I swore at the postal service for taking what felt like an eternity to get my cards to me.  The longer I waited, the more I noticed anxiety setting in.  “What if they get lost? Are they being tracked? What am I going to do if they don’t turn up?”  I’ve never in my life been as emotionally invested in something as I was (and am!) in this deck.

The day they arrived I happened to be home from work on a personal day.  The postie delivered the mail.  I had hoped they would be in the letterbox but I didn’t allow myself to get too excited.  I’d read somewhere that postage from the UK to South Australia can take between three and six weeks.  By this point I was about halfway through the estimated delivery period and was expecting to wait another few weeks.  To my surprise and relief, Mr Feathersoul wandered in to the house from the letterbox with a parcel, stamped “AIR MAIL” with a UK address on the rear.

They were here.

He handed them to me and I held them, just staring at the envelope.  The energy from their journey was electric.  I could feel it through the padded envelope.  It was making me giddy.

I’m not too proud to admit that I cried.

They were here.

I could not believe it. They were finally here!

I opened the packaging and the beautiful silvery-grey box greeted me.  My eyes started to burn and I welled up looking at the foil logo on the box.  My hands were buzzing and I felt like I could hardly breathe.

I opened the box. Instantly I felt a “CRACK” of energy hit me in my torso. It vibrated through me like nothing I’ve ever felt before.  These cards… Their energy… Wow.  They blew me away.  Now, I have a lot of decks.  I mean, a LOT (I could just about open up a small shop).  The way the energy from my Wolf Life Path Cards hit me…   The connection was instantaneous.  It was immediate.  It was powerful and one of the strongest and clearest energy surges I have experienced.  I knew in that moment these cards were mine and I was theirs.  I knew in that moment the wolves I held in my hands came to me with purpose.

I’ve had the cards for a week now.  I don’t leave the house without them.  They sit next to me at work.  They sit next to me on my bedside table when I sleep.  They sit in my lap when I read.  They come everywhere with me.  I always have decks on me anyway, but the decks I carry are interchangeable and dependent on my mood, what I’m doing, where I’m going and the kind of energy I will likely be exposed to during my travels.

I’ve read the guidebook in its entirety (not something I usually do) and have shuffled and held and carried these cards to strengthen my already strong connection with them.  They have been cleared and charged under the light of the Full Moon.  I have begun to work with them.  I have completed spreads for myself using this deck and although the messages within are presented in gentle manner, they are clear and as a whole, the wolves bring with them lessons and guidance about life, about learning and about being true to your path.

It is evident that I will need to spend quite a lot of time with this deck; my methods when it comes to card reading require a different approach with my Wolf Life Path Cards.  I guess that’s the thing about working with wolves – you need to get to know them, and they you, before they can trust you completely.  You need to work with them on their terms, not on yours.

**Anything worth having in life, whether it be on this plane or another, is not worth having unless it has been worked for. Lessons and skills need to be earnt, not given freely. There is no education in doing the work for another.**


When the Eagle Soars…

Something absolutely incredible happened over the weekend.

could talk about it being 11/11 and yesterday being a Master 1 day for the year, but I’ve seen plenty of that floating around and I’m sure if you were interested in reading more of the magick surrounding 11/11 in a Master Year you wouldn’t be here.  So I’ll leave comments about yesterday’s numerical significance with this thought – there is absolutely no doubt about it.  Yesterday, and the weekend in its entirety, was incredible.

New Moon transits through Scorpio this month and as with every New Moon, I attended my local Red Tent Circle to gather with women who truly and authentically support and celebrate one another.  There may or may not have been mulled wine floating about and I may or may not have floated home and into my bed after a wonderful evening with a group of strong and inspiring women.  Suffice to say, Friday night’s circle set the tone of the weekend…  I didn’t quite prepare myself for what was to come – I took a “fly by the ass of your pants” approach, which is unusual.  I’m a Virgo with an Aquarius moon sign – flying by the ass of my pants is not behaviour I indulge all too often.

Friday night melded into Saturday, which was a massive day.  A day trip out of town that involved nine hours in the car with Mr FeatherSoul and my two canine familiars.  I fed my heart centre and in addition to having lunch with my sister in law, I went to Spellbound (which is one of two of my favourite metaphysical and spiritual stores to date – I have been into quite a few, but Spellbound is most certainly equal first favourite).  I was in Spellbound for quite some time, browsing and seeing what jumps out at me.  Hold on to your witches hats, people – I did not walk out with a deck.

I repeat – I did not walk out with a deck!

So many beautiful decks on display on the shelves and I picked up many boxes for the purpose of connecting in to see how our energy swirls and entwines.  For the first time ever, none of them sang to me.  Not a one. The deck that I kept seeing in my mind was nowhere to be found in the store.  I’ve seen it there many a time during previous visits, but this time…  Gone.  She was not for me.  Not this time around.  No matter.  Animal Dreaming was sitting in the car patiently waiting for me to return, so all was not lost.

The trek home… That’s where it happened.  That’s where we saw it.  I live in a little city about four hours away from Adelaide that relies on the steel industry.  The wildlife surrounding the area of my home is aplenty; kangaroos come in to town quite often and when I’m mountain biking out bush I always see families of roos; Emus walk the perimeters of town, more often than not looking for water; Reptilian wildlife is everywhere and the variety in the bird life is awe inspiring.  There is honestly nothing like it… Which until very late Saturday afternoon, is exactly what I used to think.

Australian Wedge Tailed Eagles.  They are amongst the largest, if not THE largest, carnivorous birds on Earth.  They are fearless; their wing span glorious; and the mere sight of them is like nothing else.  I’d never been lucky enough to see one in the wild.  Their population is quite thick in the Northern parts of South Australia, but their presence thins out a little as you get down to the Eyre Peninsula.  They are most definitely around, but you don’t see them often.  Hawks, yes.  But not Eagles.

20 kilometres out of town and away from home late Saturday afternoon, Mr FeatherSoul and I saw not one, but TWO Australian Wedge Tailed Eagles on the side of the road eating their dinner.  The downside to the local wildlife population is that it’s not uncommon to see a lot of wildlife dead on the side of the road, hit by either cars or trucks.  It was next to a rather large Kangaroo carcass that two Eagles were stood, picking at the flesh and relishing in their meal.  I could not believe it.  I saw them from a distance and legitimately thought I was seeing things.

As we drew closer, I found myself able to appreciate the sheer size of them.  They were both BIG.  They were feeding close enough to the side of the road that I was able to get a close and clear look at them without them being in danger.  Just as we passed them – and as my head was spinning around on my neck like something from the depths of the underworld – one of Eagles spread his wings and hopped behind the carcass.  The wingspan took my breath away.  In the seconds it took to pass them by on the highway, I was able to see the rich browns and bright fawns that coloured their feathers; the size and sharpness of their talons; and the yellow in their eyes.  They were a stark reminder that even in times of scarcity, if you search hard enough to sustain yourself you will find that which you seek.

To me, an Eagle is representative of strength and overcoming adversities – during the roughest of weather, Eagle always finds his way and will soar high above the clouds to reach his destination.  Seeing two Eagles feeding on the side of the road reminded me to rise above; to soar and to fly into my true potential.  It was also one of the single most exciting moments of my life! I spent the 24 hours that followed replaying it over in my mind and reliving the zap that it gave to my energy.

The sight of two Eagles doing what they do naturally couldn’t have been timed any better, to be perfectly honest.  The excitement and the energy of this experience followed me in to yesterday…  The 11/11 day for 2018…  The thinning of the veil not a fortnight ago saw my guides return and they are still ever present…  The timing couldn’t be better for me to receive my Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher learnings.  And receive them I did.

My Reiki Master is very highly educated; authentic; and mirrors many of the beliefs that I do when it comes to energy work.  Her energy is strong and the energy work she does is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Although our skills are quite varied, her strong energy complements mine.  I am yet to have the pleasure of working directly beside her, but I am confident that when the opportunity arises, great things will happen.

My Reiki Master is very open minded; although she was not offering attunements in a formal setting, the energy was right and we – along with another fellow Reiki Master Teacher with strong energy – happened to agree that the nature of my attunment matched the universal and galactic energy that blessed us over the weekend.  Additionally, I identify as being  a Solitary Witch…  This means there are a number of elemental and Wiccan symbols I work with in my Craft.  After some consultation, my Reiki Master attuned my energy to these symbols; symbols I work with when I am conducting energetic and Magickal work for the greater and highest good.  My Spirit Guides were present and they provided direction to her when my energy was being attuned and infused.

I started the weekend with the usual panache that I do and finished it as a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner; a Solitary Witch with the ability to clearly and concisely channel and direct energy to not only infuse my Magick with good intentions, but I can also heal and support others in their journeys when they call for direction and help.  Further still, I can teach others how to channel their energy for self healing (but that’s a narrative for another day).

Although I received my first Reiki attunement one year ago today (happy anniversary to me!), it is only now that I have received my Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner attunements.  I received these in a way that was perfect for me, which was in alignment with symbols for my Craft.  It is only now that I feel I can truly begin to step in to and explore who I am and what I’m capable of.

It seems that no matter how many days one has lived, or how many experiences one has had, we never stop learning and exploring our journey and learning things about ourselves.  Like the Eagle, the time has come for me to rise above the clouds and soar into the sunlight as I follow my path and learn to truly work with my abilities and the depths of my energy. Magickal things are on the cusp – it’s time to fly.

My Name is FeatherSoul; I’m a Carddict.

Cards.  One of the simplest and most straight forward tools of divination and direction out there.  Most decks are accompanied by a Guidebook that explains in great detail how to work with the deck energy; explanations for the cards within are most often included.  Some decks are adorned with beautiful imagery that tells a story on its own, while others weave and wind their encapsulating messages using the written word.  Messages from cards can be detailed and intense, or simple and straight forward.  It comes down to the energy of the cards, the reader and the sitter; the environment upon which the reading takes place; the question posed by the sitter and the intent of the reader; and lastly, the type of deck being used.  Are you reading with Tarot?  Or are you reading with Oracle?  I’ve seen affirmation decks doing the rounds but I am yet to attempt a reading with an affirmation deck.  I just can’t get the energy right for an affirmation reading.  It feels… “wrong”…  Most likely because I tend to work with Oracle energy, which seems to be where my space is.

I met my first deck of cards when I was seventeen years old.  “Tatiana’s Fortune Cards” were gifted to me for a birthday, from memory.  I spent an unbelievable amount of time with these cards.  Hours were spent shuffling and reading the book insert.  I used to draw cards and do spreads for the sake of it.  I wanted to learn what each card meant.  I wanted to get my head around the card combinations and would do spread after spread so I could read what presented to me.

I spent quite a lot of time with Tatiana’s cards over a two year period.  I never read for other people, only myself.  I didn’t know anyone who was keen on cards at that time.  The internet barely existed and Facebook was still quite some time away.  So I worked solitary.  I recall the first three card spread I pulled and the excitement I felt when I discovered my cards were spot on with their message. It was exhilarating.  My circumstances changed, Tatiana’s cards were put away and I didn’t give them a second thought until a few weeks ago.  Truth be told, I still have this deck somewhere.  I’d not seen it for years until I attended a spiritual group recently.  When the host pulled out her cards and placed them on the table, I caught myself by surprise when I saw before me Tatiana’s gold box.  I believe my set is in storage somewhere in the house.  I must go looking for them…

My spiritual self has emerged from time to time over the years, but I’m feeding and exploring it this time instead of dabbling.  I don’t want this side of me to be put away again.  When I started exploring my spirituality a little over a year ago, I’d forgotten about Tatiana’s cards.  I completely forgot I had them.  Cards were re-introduced to me when I saw someone do a reading with a deck of oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.  “Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards” was the deck in question.  I clapped eyes on it and I knew in that moment I wanted to work with this deck.  As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I bought it.  And work with it I did!  This deck went everywhere with me.  Didn’t leave the house without it.  I’d do spreads for myself and place them, in card order, next to my bed.  I’d watch TV and shuffle them and then analyse what fell out.  I started pulling cards for an old friend, just because I could.  One day, I even plucked up the courage and did a Facebook live for a group I was in and I did a whole group reading with this deck.  I love the cards.  I love the energy.  Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle was essentially the beginning of my “carddiction”.  One deck soon turned into two, which turned into four, which turned into more.

As it stands currently, at last count I had something like 31 decks.  Most of them Oracle, but three are Tarot.  I have decks that I don’t use, or have only used once or twice.  I have considered parting with a few of them, but the illness I feel in my gut at such a thought causes me to dismiss the concept quickly.  I simply cannot do it.  As soon as a deck enters the vortex of my energy, it comes home.  Maybe it’s not that melodramatic, but you get the idea.  My Book Depository wish list has something like 120ish items on it, with a good 20 or so being oracle decks.  In addition to what I own, I have an additional two in transit on their way to me.  Wolf Life Path Cards I am, hands down, the most excited about.

I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite deck as such, but there are a core few that I work with quite a lot.  Spirit animal and/or Earth energy are strong themes in my core group of decks.  “Secret Languages of the Animals” by  Chip Richards is in very high rotation, and I don’t leave the house without “Angels and Ancestors” by Kyle Gray.  “Animal Dreaming Oracle” by Scott Alexander King made its way into my collection less than 24 hours ago.  I’d been watching this one for a while and had the opportunity to have it come into my life a month ago.  However, other decks I had been chasing for much longer took precedent.  I tend to operate on the “if it’s meant for me I’ll have it when the time is right” principle.  Queue amazing awesome friend doing a trip to my hometown for the weekend and TA-DA.  Hello and welcome to my energy, Animal Dreaming Oracle. She handed this deck to me last night before we went out for dinner and to say I was so excited I may have almost pee’d a little is an understatement.

Fortunately there aren’t any suppliers of Oracle and Tarot cards where I live, so I rely on trips to or from the closest capital city and Book Depository.  Yes, you read correctly.  I did say “fortunately”.  Book Depository on its own is a danger to me and my savings when I am perusing my wish list or checking for new items.  Metaphysical stores send my energy through the roof and my bank card into meltdown.  Self control, although limited, is a must when it comes to decks of cards.

One thing I don’t do is touch other people’s cards.  Especially without permission.  Cards get cleared and charged and such rituals are designed to “refresh” the energy of the deck; this encourages the reader and the deck to bond and combine their energy.  The stronger the bond, the more accurate and detailed the reading.  There is one exception to this rule – I will handle and read cards in decks that are present at the local circles I attend.  Decks that offer up their energy for such work will do so with the intention of working with many for their higher and greater good. The energy within these decks can be social, gentle and nurturing (which is very much in line with the energy of the circles I attend).  I have three decks in my collection that come with me to participate in circle.  Their energy is regularly cleared and the decks infused with love and healing, ready for each circle.

There is one other no-no when it comes to card readings – I never read cards for people without their express permission.  I generally don’t offer to do readings for people – I figure if they would like this kind of information provided to them they will seek it out.  This also includes viewing cards drawn for others without permission.  I consider this to be a gross invasion of privacy, especially given how receptive I am to reading card energy.  Unless I am asked, it is not up to me to read cards for another. Regardless of the means or ways that a card spread is read, it should not ever be done so without permission by the sitter.  In my mind, touching another reader’s cards and/or conducting a spread without permission is a boundary that should not be crossed.  Each to their own, but my cards and my energy is sacred;  I would feel violated if someone were to cross these boundaries and I will not do it to others.

Cards are my jam.  I don’t know how often I have said this.  I love working with them, being around them, reading from them… I derive a great amount of pleasure from shuffling a deck, seeing what unfolds and then listening for the messages.  Someone said to me once “If you had to choose one thing and one thing only, what would it be?”  I didn’t hesitate.  “Cards.  Hands down. Everything else is secondary”.  The cheeky thing about that comment right there, is my readings often include crystal grids or crystal arrangements – for me, they go hand in hand.  Very rarely do I read without crystals (Septarian stones especially!).  But the truth of it is, if I had to choose just one.  It would be cards.

I love decks who are “chatty”.  And what I mean by that is they have a lot to say and they’re not shy in making it known.  Sounds a little odd, considering a deck cards doesn’t have a functional voice box; however, a chatty deck will often throw cards out mid-shuffle.  I call thrown cards “jumpers” because they literally “jump” out the deck when you’re shuffling.  I was working with my Native Spirit Oracle Cards (Denise Linn) one day and the cards kept coming.  I had nine jumpers from that shuffle and they all didn’t come together. It was a massive reading and I learnt quite a lot about who I am, what I’m about and the lessons that were due to come before me.  It took me an hour and a half to interpret and I had to write it down.

My skills are in no way exceptional, and I have a long way to go before I consider myself to be somewhat “polished”, but the feedback I have received on my readings has been positive.  I’m self taught and I listen to my intuition when I read cards.  It tells me which deck to use, how long to shuffle, if the spread is finished, if I need to pull any cards after the jumpers have identified themselves, the order of the spread and the direction in which I am to read.  And then the messages come.  Sometimes quickly and full of information, sometimes slowly and concisely.  They always have something to say.  I love it.  It’s exciting.

My name is FeatherSoul; I’m a Carddict.